For governments, transportation authorities and managers, the experience SEKURA brings to the table includes a thorough knowledge of passenger and baggage control, perimeter security and cargo screening. Additionally, a thorough understanding of international rules and regulations, to ensure securing of critical infrastructure as a whole.

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Infrastructure Assessments

  • bullet Perimeter security
  • bullet Passenger, cargo and baggage screening
  • bullet Transportation procedures and processes for aviation, ports and maritime
  • bullet Supply chain security assessment
  • bullet Security assets
  • bullet Staffing needs
  • bullet Implementation of international guidelines for ports, airports and ground transportation
  • bullet Implementation of customs and border procedures and processes

Design and Implementation of Multiple Layers of Security

  • bullet Electronic surveillance systems
  • bullet Canines
  • bullet Behavior detection and recognition
  • bullet X-Ray and screening equipment
  • bullet Passenger and employee vigilance
  • bullet Physical screening by security personnel
  • bullet Baggage and container screening
  • bullet Post screening procedures
  • bullet Document screening


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