We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your organization and ensure that you are prepared for emergencies, by improving the ability to respond to crisis situations, minimizing negative impact on personal safety, health issues or the environment . Most importantly, emergency management planning requires continuous process improvement.

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Analyze current capabilities and procedures

Provide Emergency Disaster Planning

  • bullet Planning, mitigation, prevention strategies and training
  • bullet Asset and resource management
  • bullet Multiple agency coordination and cooperation

Emergency and Disaster Response

  • bullet Natural Disasters
  • bullet Hazardous material response and mitigation
  • bullet Terrorist attacks
  • bullet Evacuation Plans
  • bullet Continuity Plans
  • bullet Fire and Rescue

Chemical and Biological response

  • bullet Fixed and mobile decontamination facilities
  • bullet Drug/ antidote stockpiles
  • bullet Detection technology
  • bullet Contamination containment

Assess current intelligence and national security capabilities


Analyze factors

  • bullet Military & LEA
  • bullet Economic
  • bullet Energy security
  • bullet Environmental security

Analyze security threats

Examine national security measures

  • bullet Diplomacy and alley involvement
  • bullet Maintenance of an effective military
  • bullet Implementation of civil defense and emergency preparedness measures
  • bullet Ensure protection of critical infrastructure
  • bullet Utilize intelligence services to detect and defeat threats
  • bullet Counterintelligence for internal threat protection


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