SEKURA develops global solutions, integrating security surveillance capabilities, control programs and management systems and intelligence information. All supported by the latest technology and a proven team of professionals.

border patrol

Analyze security requirements:

  • bullet Staffing needs
  • bullet Fixed structure options
  • bullet Technology requirements

Evaluate threats of terrorism:

  • bullet Land borders
  • bullet Sea Ports
  • bullet Ground Transportation
  • bullet Airports

Ensure free flow of commerce

  • bullet Ease of entry and exit for citizens, foreign visitors, all goods and services

Recommend programs, systems, processes and policies, designed by joint working teams

Evaluate sources of information sharing, facilities, equipment and capabilities

national security

Design an operation center to include:

  • bullet Incident response, management and command
  • bullet Fusing of information
  • bullet Information sharing and analysis
  • bullet Vulnerability and situational awareness
  • bullet Real time communication
  • bullet Imagery capability
  • bullet Emergency and disaster operations
  • bullet Information tracking and management

Develop staffing models

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