A critical element in achieving a secure environment comes through the ability to prevent, detect, contain and resolve threats that could jeopardize the organization. The creation of an intelligence center will not only increase security but will become a center of innovation and excellence that will improve the profitability of investments.

SEKURA has a wide range of services for the design, development and operation of Security Centers. Our experience: the application of good practices (ENISA, AusCERT, Carnegie Mellon, FIRST, TERENA), international standards (ISO-27001 and ISO-27002, ITIL/ISO -20000, etc.), and the best tools available at any time, all account for guaranteed success.

The launch of a center implies the following steps:

  • bullet Identification and design of the center, including the intended users of the services.
  • bullet Defining the business model, including management plans and strategies, to allow sustainability.
  • bullet Operational and organizational design of all elements needed for the implementation.
  • bullet Design of TIC infrastructure and platforms that support operations.
  • bullet Selection, training and certification of a response team (CERT®, CSIRT…).
  • bullet Service delivery and knowledge transfer scheme to ensure continuity and development.

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