Host nations and organizers of summits, conventions and sporting events worldwide face huge logistical and political challenges as well as the threat of terrorism and mass protests. SEKURA has unrivaled experience directing large-scale events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Heads of State Summits, General Assembly of the United Nations, amongst others.

salt lake estadio banderas

Establishment of command and control structure

Establishment of command and communication center

Asset inventory and deployment strategies

Establishment of intelligence center and interagency cooperation guidelines

Assessment of events

  • bullet Previsión de participantes, duración y ubicación
  • bullet Anticipated publicity

Assessment of potential threats

  • bullet Terrorism
  • bullet Criminal element
  • bullet Food and water contamination
  • bullet Facility or structure

Analysis and implementation of security measures and countermeasures

  • bullet Interagency coordination and interoperability of communications
  • bullet Identification and credentialing
  • bullet Explosive detection measures
  • bullet Technical security countermeasures
  • bullet Perimeter security measures
  • bullet Interior security measures
  • bullet Public screening measures
  • bullet Vehicle screening measures
  • bullet Staffing and personnel placement
  • bullet Electronic surveillance
  • bullet Control of airspace

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