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SEKURA initiates operations in Brazil, considered the largest potential market in Latin America
SEKURA has partnered with two respected Brazilian companies; Nucleo and Von Suckow Group

SEKURA is an American company and world leader in security products and services. We are expanding our operations in Latin America by adding two new partners in Brazil; specifically in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of opening these new offices is to provide security services and technology to an expanded global customer base.

SEKURA differentiates itself from other companys by compiling a very unique team of experts that now includes two Brazilian partners that possess a wealth of security experience in Brazil and throughout the world.

SEKURA expects to establish Brazil as one of its most important markets within the next three years. The addition of specialized companies such as Nucleo and Von Suckow Group accelerate the process of implementing the transfer of knowledge and expertise. Both companies have a long history of providing quality services to Law Enforcement and the Defense industry.

Alfonso del Castillo, Managing Director of SEKURA Group, comments:
The opening of our new offices in Brazil is an excellent example of the potential for market expansion and the opportunity to provide the high-level security that exemplifies SEKURA. SEKURA will insure the Government and private industry have the very best resources to manage security threats of a personal, technological and national nature.

About Núcleo – www.nucleoconsult.com.br
Nucleo Security Consulting is a team of managers in private security firms, lawyers, business managers and administrative staff, trained in the business of security. Nucleo is prepared to serve its customers by providing excellence in security solutions. Nucleo is committed to providing cost effective, agile, thorough and professional services. Nucleo employs an interactive and synergistic methodology to design, plan, implement and manage all projects. Nucleo possesses the experience to provide different areas of private security such as patrimonial security, information, investigations, VIP Protection, electronic systems and business security.

About Von Suckow Group - www.vonsuckow.com
Founded on 1982, VON SUCKOW specializes in providing project management services to the defense and Government contractors. VON SUCKOW has a long proven record of experience on a wide range of different projects serving as marketing, sales and financing agents in the following areas: Meteorology; Oceanography; Systems for surface vessels; Underwater warfare; Simulators; Training programs; General aviation systems and services; Weapons & electronic systems, Remote sensing and Military satellite programs. Von Suckow headquarters and administrative offices in Brazil are strategically located in the City of Rio de Janeiro, home of most Army, Navy and Air Force logistics.

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