Enjoying maximum security requires a rigorous training program with certification as well as a continuous improvement plan.

At SEKURA we have the experience, tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and flexibly develop comprehensive training plans, designed specifically to meet the client’s needs in different threat environments.

For years, our team has helped clients from the private sector and government, providing the best instruction and preparing police and security officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill their mission.


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Protective Services

  • bullet Threat and Risk Assessment
  • bullet Personal Protection Assessment and Design
  • bullet Protecting the Office, Building and Personal Residence
  • bullet Protecting Key Personnel and Family Members
  • bullet Vehicles and Movement (Route Selection)
  • bullet Communication Techniques and Equipment
  • bullet Intelligence Gathering
  • bullet Laws, Rules, Policies and Procedures
  • bullet Access Control
  • bullet Parameter Security
  • bullet Advance Work
  • bullet Emergency and Crisis Protocols
  • bullet Food and Water Protocol
  • bullet Weapons and Equipment

Intelligence and Terrorism

  • bullet Operational Security
  • bullet LE Intelligence
  • bullet Electronic Sources of Information
  • bullet IED/VBEID Recognition
  • bullet Intro to Terrorism
  • bullet Terrorist Threats
  • bullet Counter Terrorism
  • bullet Counter Intelligence
  • bullet Fusing of Intelligence Sources

Physical Tactics

  • bullet Intro to Officer Safety and Survival
  • bullet Basic Tactics
  • bullet Pressure Points
  • bullet Weapon Retention
  • bullet Takedowns
  • bullet Ground Defense
  • bullet Baton Control Techniques
  • bullet Edged Weapons
  • bullet Restraining Suspects
  • bullet OC Spray
  • bullet Searching Suspects


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Motor Vehicle Operation

  • bullet Driver Training Orientation
  • bullet Radio Communications
  • bullet Operating High Center of Gravity Vehicles
  • bullet Skid Control
  • bullet Vehicle Stops (Risk and High Risk)
  • bullet Cognitive Driver Training-Crash Avoidance (Simulated)
  • bullet Vehicle Handling Skills


  • bullet Basic Marksmanship Introduction
  • bullet Firearms Safety Rules and Regulations
  • bullet Law Enforcement Basic Shotgun
  • bullet Semiautomatic Pistol
  • bullet Down/Disabled Officer Course
  • bullet Judgment Pistol Shooting (Interactive Video)
  • bullet Interactive Cover Drills
  • bullet One Hand Shooting Survival Techniques
  • bullet Tactical Threat Engagement

Practical Aspects of Law Enforcement

  • bullet Execution of a Search Warrant
  • bullet Informants
  • bullet The Description and Identification Process
  • bullet Authentication of Identity Documents
  • bullet Operational Planning
  • bullet Documentation and Report Writing
  • bullet Surveillance
  • bullet Undercover Operations
  • bullet Courtroom Testimony

Principles of Leadership

  • bullet Supervision and Leadership
  • bullet Ethical Behavior and Core Values
  • bullet Courtroom Testimony
  • bullet Corruption Identification and Removal

Narcotics and Human Trafficking

  • bullet Narcotic Trafficking
  • bullet Controlled Substance Identification
  • bullet Human Trafficking
  • bullet Recognition of Clandestine Labs

Interview and Interrogation

  • bullet Theory
  • bullet Interviewing Lab
  • bullet Interviewing Practical Exercise (PE)


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  • bullet Basic Investigations
  • bullet Financial Aspects of Criminal Investigations
  • bullet Investigations in a Cyber Environment
  • bullet Crime Scene Investigations
  • bullet Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Cyber Security

  • bullet Forensic Analysis
  • bullet Audits
  • bullet Designing a secure website
  • bullet Securing the Net
  • bullet Configuring equipment
  • bullet Policies and procedures for operation
  • bullet Best practice
  • bullet Online fraud
  • bullet Legal support

Executive Travel Protection

  • bullet Organization and information basic concepts
  • bullet Safe houses
  • bullet Movement procedures
  • bullet In-country and out of country resources
  • bullet Communication
  • bullet Kidnapping


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Establishing Command Control Centers

  • bullet Intelligence gathering
  • bullet Establishing liaison and relationships
  • bullet Information sharing
  • bullet Real time communication
  • bullet Technology requirements
  • bullet Protocols, policies and procedures
  • bullet Design and develop a physical facility
  • bullet Emergency and disaster operations
  • bullet Develop staffing models
  • bullet Vulnerability and situational awareness

Border Security and Immigration

  • bullet Design a border security program
  • bullet Analyze security requirements
  • bullet Implementation of technology
  • bullet Risk and threat analysis
  • bullet Intelligence gathering
  • bullet Terrorism
  • bullet Ensure free flow of commerce
  • bullet Entry and exit strategies
  • bullet Narcotic interdiction
  • bullet Land borders
  • bullet Sea borders
  • bullet Airports
  • bullet Staffing needs

Transportation and Aviation Security

  • bullet Perimeter security
  • bullet Passenger, cargo and baggage screening
  • bullet Implementation of international guidelines
  • bullet Implementation of customs and border procedures and processes
  • bullet Behavior detection and recognition
  • bullet Document screening
  • bullet Screening equipment
  • bullet Multiple layers of security
  • bullet Passenger and employee vigilance
  • bullet Supply chain security assessment
  • bullet Access control systems
  • bullet Anti-terrorism procedures and tactics


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Forensic Labs

    • bullet Forensic key factors
    • bullet Toxicology
      • bullet Classification of toxic agents
      • bullet Toxicokinetics
      • bullet Toxicodynamics
    • bullet Sample collection and Custody Chain
    • bullet Legal framework
    • bullet Laboratory



Emergency response and recovery

  • bullet Planning, mitigation and prevention strategies
  • bullet Asset and resource management
  • bullet Multiple agency coordination and cooperation
  • bullet Chemical and biological response
  • bullet Evacuation plans
  • bullet Fire and rescue
  • bullet Natural Disasters
  • bullet Communication continuity

Major Event Management

  • bullet Establishment of command and control structure
  • bullet Establishment of command and communications center
  • bullet Asset Inventory and deployment strategies
  • bullet Establishment of intelligence center and interagency cooperation guidelines
  • bullet Assessment of potential threats
  • bullet Analysis and implementation of security measures and countermeasures
  • bullet Identification and credentialing

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