Current Threat Assessment

Since 2005, when the emergence of new malware surpassed all time highs, it has continued to increase exponentially from year to year.

The evolution and use of new technologies has led to the establishment of new relationships and lines of communication between organizations, individuals and administrations. In Latin America alone, the use of technology has grown more than 1,000% in the last 8 years.

  • bullet Information is the main asset
  • bullet Lack of knowledge towards actual risks, from organizations and society
  • bullet Individuals continue to be the weakest links
  • bullet The vast majority of incidents have an internal origin
  • bullet The risks increase during periods of crisis like the present
  • bullet Professionalization of cybercrime



Our main goal is that security be in line with your business, improving competitiveness, detecting opportunities and threats. Ultimately, by helping security officers develop in their role as risk managers.

  • bullet Security Assessments
    • bullet Infrastructure (AEX, AII, TIE, TII, WIR, WEB, Cloud, APW, Physical)
    • bullet Users (Public information, Phishing, CAU, Management, Awareness)
    • bullet Policies and Procedures
    • bullet Training
  • bullet Incident Response 24/7
    • bullet Forensic Analysis
    • bullet Support in Legal Procedures (Admissible – Authentic – Trustworthy – Thorough)
  • bullet Intelligence Centers
    • bullet Definition and Development
    • bullet Technology Infrastructure Plan
    • bullet Cooperation with International Agencies
    • bullet Operations, Management and Continuity of the center
  • bullet Training

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