Homeland Security and Intelligence

SEKURA develops global solutions, integrating security surveillance capabilities, control programs and management systems and intelligence information. All supported by the latest technology and a proven team of professionals.

Critical Infrastructure

For governments, transportation authorities and managers, the experience SEKURA brings to the table includes a thorough knowledge of passenger and baggage control, perimeter security and cargo screening. Additionally, a thorough understanding of international rules and regulations, to ensure securing of critical infrastructure as a whole.

Emergency Response

We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your organization and ensure that you are prepared for emergencies, by improving the ability to respond to crisis situations, minimizing negative impact on personal safety, health issues or the environment . Most importantly, emergency management planning requires continuous process improvement.

Major Event Management

Host nations and organizers of summits, conventions and sporting events worldwide face huge logistical and political challenges as well as the threat of terrorism and mass protests. SEKURA has unrivaled experience directing large-scale events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Heads of State Summits, General Assembly of the United Nations, amongst others.

VIP Protection

SEKURA has operational experience and practice in each of the areas necessary to assess and manage every client’s security. SEKURA is meticulous in every aspect of the operation, whether for a government, corporation or institution.

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