Network security has become an essential requirement in the daily life of individuals and businesses. Our technology will protect against theft and/or misuse of confidential information, offering protection against malicious attacks.

Perimetral Security

  • bullet Firewalls
  • bullet IPS/IDS
  • bullet Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware
  • bullet Content filtering
  • bullet Monitoring andEventManagement


  • bullet PCIremediation
  • bullet EndPointsolutions
  • bullet Forensic analysis
  • bullet Secuirty assessment

Intelligence and surveillance

  • bullet Monitoring of GSM technology
  • bullet Voice analysis and recongnition
  • bullet Internet secure communication
  • bullet Equipment monitoring and control
  • bullet Encrypted satellite phone systems
  • bullet Laser microphones
  • bullet Cel analyzer
  • bullet Counter surveillance systems
  • bullet Phone detectors


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