SEKURA has operational experience and practice in each of the areas necessary to assess and manage every client’s security. SEKURA is meticulous in every aspect of the operation, whether for a government, corporation or institution.

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Analysis of the organization’s exposure to internal and external threats

  • bullet Terrorism
  • bullet Criminal activity
  • bullet Communications and redundancy
  • bullet Contamination of food
  • bullet Staff background investigations
  • bullet Identification systems
  • bullet Access control systems
  • bullet Material goods entry
  • bullet Cyber attacks

Synthesize assets to provide an effective prevention and recovery strategy

  • bullet Communications
  • bullet Computer programs
  • bullet Staffing
  • bullet Command and control center

Assess capabilities and options for

  • bullet Response and recovery
  • bullet Activation procedures
  • bullet Relocation to safe sites
  • bullet Fire and rescue
  • bullet Law enforcement / Military response
  • bullet Temporary power
  • bullet Alternate communication systems
  • bullet Leadership succession

Personal Protection

  • bullet Advance teams
  • bullet Intelligence gathering
  • bullet Weapons and equipment
  • bullet Training
  • bullet Selection of personnel and background investigations
  • bullet Scheduling procedures
  • bullet Movement procedures
  • bullet Protective methodology
  • bullet Evacuation plans
  • bullet Transportation design and equipment
  • bullet Trauma care
  • bullet Relocation/ safe sites
  • bullet Protection of family members
  • bullet Communications and alternate communications
  • bullet Food and water protocol
  • bullet Hardened facilities
  • bullet Route selection
  • bullet Emergency and crisis protocols

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